Terms of Service


These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: "GTC") are regulated and fixed by Impact Design Kft. (hereinafter: "Impact Design") on the website https://www.impactbox.net (hereinafter: "Website") gift packages and other products compiled by Impact Design (hereinafter: "Product") conditions of your order (hereinafter: "Order"), as well as relevant relevant circumstances.

These GTC and Impact Design's data protection information (hereinafter: "Informational") is a prerequisite for the use of the Order, which the User must expressly accept on the Website during the Order. The Information Form is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and must be interpreted in accordance with its provisions. Impact Design's Privacy Policy is available here: https://impactbox.net/policies/privacy-policy.


Name: Impact Design Limited Liability Company
Headquarters: 1141 Budapest, Szugló utca 125/D C. building. B. house. 32.
Tax number: 28771999-2-42
Company registration number at the Metropolitan Court: 01-09-373407
Electronic contact: hello@impactbox.net
Contract language: Hungarian
Phone: +36 30 597 5337
Contact person: Gyöngyvér Balog

Data of hosting provider:

Name: Shopify, Inc.
Registered Office: 150 Elgin Street 8th Floor Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4 Canada
Phone: +1-613-241-2828


GTC: means the present general terms and conditions of Impact Design.

Package: means the box and its contents that Impact Design sends to the User after ordering through the Website.

User: natural or legal persons who use the Website, including the case where they place an Order through the Website or use the Website to place a Business Order later on.

User Account: means the user account registered by the User through the Website.

Consumer: the User or Business Customer who complies with the CLV of 1997 on consumer protection. law (hereinafter: "Fg. TV.") 2.§ corresponds to the concept of "consumer" defined in point a).

Impact Box: means product packages consisting of unique, handcrafted and natural products carefully selected by Impact Design, the exact name and content of which change seasonally. Details of the currently available Impact Boxes are available to Users on the Website.

Delivery: means the event when the User takes possession of the Package from the carrier.

Delivery Day: the calendar day on which the Products are delivered to the User.

Basket: the virtual shopping cart in which Users place the Products they wish to purchase before placing the Order.

Order: the process during which the User purchases a Product from Impact Design via the Website.

Partial product: the product that is manufactured by a Hungarian foundation, association or social enterprise and forms part of the Product.

SimplePay: is reported by OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Limited Liability Company (headquarters: 1143 Budapest, Hungária körút 17-19; company registration number: 1143 Budapest, Hungária körút 17-19; tax number: 24386106-2-42) developed by

Transport: the process during which the Products are delivered to the delivery address(es) indicated by the User or the Business Customer by the subcontractor used by Impact Design.

Shipping Fee: means the amount that includes the total cost of the Delivery.

Contract: electronic sales contract between the User and Impact Design.

Total price: the sum of the Product price and the Shipping Fee.

Product: means all the different types of Impact Boxes and products that Impact Design sells via the Website in the form of electronic commerce.

Business Customer: the legal entity that purchases more than 5 (five) Products from Impact Design.

Business Order: the process during which the Business Customer orders more than 5 (five) Products from Impact Design via the e-mail address box@impactbox.net.


Impact Design is entitled to modify these GTC in whole or in part at any time. Impact Design informs Users about the latest GTC amendment in the form of a short notice on the home page of the Website. The General Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto shall enter into force upon publication, and by placing the Order after the publication of the amendment, the User expressly accepts and considers the provisions of the amended General Terms and Conditions to be binding on him.


4.1 Territorial scope of the Website

Impact Design's website can be accessed from both domestically and abroad using the appropriate device and the Internet. The Order has no limitations, except for possible technical and legal restrictions.

4.2 Terms of use of the Website

The Order option provided by Impact Design is available to Users only through the Website.

Legal entity Users who wish to order Products for 5, i.e. more than five third parties, can do so via the e-mail address box@impactbox.net.

4.3 Subject of the Website

On the Website, Impact Design provides information about its business activities and conducts electronic commerce through the Website, enabling Users to purchase Products.

4.4 Continuous operation of the Website

Impact Design does everything in its power to ensure the continuous availability of the Website and the Order available through the Website, however, due to the nature of the Internet, it cannot guarantee its continuous operation and the continuous availability of the Order. Impact Design is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by technical downtime, breaks, or destructive applications or programs placed by third parties independent of Impact Design.

Impact Design takes all measures expected of it to ensure the visit, use, safety and reliability of the Website, however, despite this, technical errors may occur, the possibility of which is assumed by the Website Users to be known by Impact Design. Impact Design is entitled to limit or temporarily suspend the availability of the Website and the availability of the Order at any time, if this is necessary for the security, maintenance and proper functioning of the Website. Impact Design can modify or improve the Website and the Order at any time, as well as expand the range of services provided.


Users do not need to register a user account (hereinafter: "Registration") to browse the Website or to place an Order, however, Registration and the creation of a User Account allow Users to fully enjoy the possibilities provided by the Website.

In the event that a natural person creates a User Account on behalf of a legal person User, this natural person guarantees that he is entitled to represent the legal person and to make legal statements on its behalf.

The User is responsible for the correctness, accuracy and authenticity of the data provided during Registration. The User is solely responsible for updating and modifying the data provided during the Registration if they change.

After Registration, the User has the opportunity to save delivery and billing data in the User Account in order to be able to pay faster and easier during future Orders, and the details of previous Orders become available to the User in the Account.

5.1 The Registration process

The User is registered by entering the User's name (surname and first name in the case of a natural person, company name in the case of a legal person), contact details (e-mail address, telephone number) and password. After registration, the User can enter his billing, delivery and payment data in the User Account. The User can change the data provided during and after Registration (with the exception of the e-mail address).

The User can decide to delete his User Account at any time, however, if he has a pending Order, his User Account can only be deleted after the Order has been delivered. If the User wishes to delete the User Account, he can do so by clicking on the "Delete Account" menu item within the User Account.

5.2 Confidentiality and security of the User Account

The User is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of the User Account, as well as for the consequences of sharing the login data with third parties. The User is obliged to inform Impact Design immediately if there is any suspicion of the loss or theft of their login data or suspected or actual unauthorized access to the User Account. The User is responsible for the use of the User Account and the legal declarations made through it.


6.1 Order via the Website

Placing an Order via the Website is the acceptance of the provisions of these GTC, which the User can do by ticking the checkbox provided for this purpose when placing the Order (in the case of a Business Order, see clause 6.3 of the GTC).

6.1.1 The Basket

The Products can be purchased through the Website after placing them in the Cart. The Products remain in the Cart until the User purchases them or removes them from the Cart, or until they are automatically removed because they are no longer available (for example, due to the end of stock). The Products remain in the Cart even after the User leaves the Website.

The Products placed in the Cart are not reserved for the User, the Products in the Cart are still available to other Users, until the User sends the Order.

After selecting the "Basket" menu item, the User has the option to change the number of Products placed in the Basket.

6.1.2 Sending the Order

After the User has finished browsing the Website, after viewing and checking the contents of the Cart, he can send his Order to Impact Design by selecting the "Cart" menu item and clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button.

In the payment section, Users must enter their shipping and billing address, select their preffor thisd payment method and, if they have chosen a credit card payment method, enter their payment information. The User can also enter the delivery address of a third party, in which case the Order will be delivered directly to this third party.

After that, after pressing the "Next" button, the User has the opportunity to check the content of the Order one more time and based on the delivery method chosen by the User, the system will calculate the Delivery Fee and the Total Price will be displayed (Order summary). If the opposite is indicated for each Product, Impact Design will fulfill the Order anywhere in the world, except for applicable and effective legal restrictions.

During the entire process of payment, Users have the opportunity to check and modify the Order and the data provided during the Order, as well as to get to know the Full Price. Users have the opportunity to enter the discount code that Impact Design may provide before starting the payment.

As a last step, the User must declare that he has read and accepts these Terms and Conditions and the Notice, which are prerequisites for sending the Order.

By clicking the "Order" button, the User sends their Order to Impact Design, and the payment method specified during the payment process is debited. In the event that the User has chosen advance payment as the payment method, if the User does not pay the price of the Order to Impact Design within 5, i.e. five days after sending the Order, the Order placed by him will be considered unsuccessful and Impact Design Design does not start the Delivery of the Package.

After receiving the payment for the Order, Impact Design will send an automatic confirmation that the Order has been received. Please note that Impact Design only provides cash on delivery payment options on an exceptional basis.

Between the confirmation of the Order and the conclusion of the contract in accordance with point 6.1.3 of these GTC, the User has the opportunity to modify the Order by sending an e-mail to box@impactbox.net.

Due to the nature of the Website, Impact Design cannot ensure that the User's Order will be delivered, as it may happen that the Product is no longer in stock at the time the Order is sent.

If Impact Design is unable to fulfill the Order, it will notify the User of this within 7, i.e. seven calendar days from the sending of the Order to the e-mail address provided by the User when the Order was sent. In this case, Impact Design offers the User the choice of another Product, if this is possible, or refunds the Full Price using the payment method chosen by the User when sending the Order.

In the event that Impact Design is unable to fulfill the Order because the Delivery is refused by Impact Design's subcontractors due to legal or other technical restrictions, Impact Design will notify the User within 7, i.e. within seven calendar days, of sending the Order. by at the e-mail address provided when sending the Order. In this case, Impact Design will offer the User to modify the delivery conditions, if the User does not want or cannot use this, then the Full Price will be returned to the payment method chosen by the User when sending the Order.

6.1.3 Creation and conditions of use of the Contract relating to the Order

A sales contract is created between the User and Impact Design regarding the Order, as soon as Impact Design confirms the start of the Delivery with an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the User during the Order (hereinafter: "Contract"). These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the resulting Agreement, which, however, will not be filed, it will only be concluded in electronic form, in Hungarian, and it does not refer to a code of conduct. The subject of the Agreement is the sale and purchase of the Product and its delivery by Impact Design to the delivery address specified by the User.

6.2 Pre-order

In some cases, Users have the option to pre-order a Product via the Website (hereinafter: "Pre-order"). The Products that can be pre-ordered on the Website change from time to time.

The conditions for the Order contained in point 6.1 of these GTC must be applied to the Pre-Order, with the following deviations:

6.2.1 Delivery of the Pre-Order takes place as soon as possible on the calendar day indicated next to the Product that can be pre-ordered on the Website.

6.2.2 By sending the Pre-Order, a pre-contract is created between the User and Impact Design, which does not create a contractual obligation on the part of the User or Impact Design.

6.2.3 In the case of a pre-order, the date of conclusion of the Contract is the time when Impact Design confirms the User's Pre-Order in an e-mail sent to the User, concerning the Pre-Order and containing the essential content elements of the Contract (Product name, Product price, expected delivery date).

6.3 The Business Order

Impact Design ensures that legal entities can order a larger number of Products at the same time. For smoother administration, the Business Order takes place between Impact Design and the Business Orderer by e-mail.

6.3.1 Sending the Business Order

A Business Orderer can indicate his request for a Business Order to Impact Design by sending a letter to the e-mail address box@impactbox.net.

During the e-mail exchange between Impact Design and the Business Orderer, the details of the Business Order are recorded:

  • the number and type of Products available on the Website that the Business Customer wishes to order,
  • the Full Price,
  • the method of delivery,
  • the delivery address(es),
  • the payment method of the Business Customer and
  • the payment deadline.

6.3.2 Creation and conditions of use of the contract for the Business Order

Impact Design prepares a written order form containing the details of the Business Order (hereinafter: "Order form") for the Business Customer.

After reviewing the Order Form, if the Business Orderer agrees with its content, the Business Orderer is required to provide a firm signature and send the duly signed Order Form back to Impact Design by e-mail.

After the Order Form has been received by Impact Design, Impact Design examines the Order Form and, if its contents comply with the provisions of these GTC, confirms the creation of the Business Order to the Business Orderer by e-mail, thereby the Business Orderer and Impact Design a written contract is created between (hereinafter: "Business Agreement"). The prerequisite for the conclusion of the Business Contract is the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions and the Prospectus by the Business Orderer.

The subject of the Business Agreement is the sale and purchase of the Products and their delivery by Impact Design on behalf of the Business Orderer to the delivery address(es) specified in the document issued by Impact Design.


The prices shown on the website are in HUF and include VAT in accordance with the current Hungarian tax regulations. However, the prices shown on the Website do not include the Shipping Fee.

The Shipping Fees, together with the shipping method, will be indicated at checkout when finalizing the Order. In the case of a business order, the shipping fee is included in the order form.

Impact Design is not in a position to pay customs clearance costs and fees that may arise during the Delivery, they are the responsibility of the User.

If clearly incorrect prices have been indicated on the Website, for example, if the Website incorrectly indicated a low price due to a system error, Impact Design reserves the right to reject the Order or Business Order and refuse to deliver the Product with the incorrect price.

7.1 Discounts and promotions

Impact Design is entitled to discounts (hereinafter: "Discounts"), sales and promotions (hereinafter: "Promotions") to be provided to Users, only within the times and durations determined by Impact Design, at the same time as the conditions for the use of Discounts and Promotions are displayed on the Website.

Impact Design is entitled, at its own discretion, to introduce, terminate and modify the conditions for the use of the Discounts and Promotions, which it will inform the Users about through the Website without delay.

Impact Design may provide certain discount codes (hereinafter referred to as “Discount code"), which Users can use within a specified time interval to take advantage of discounts, such as, for example, if, through the use of the Discount Code, the User has the opportunity to purchase the Product without paying the Delivery Fee, within the quantity and duration determined by Impact Design.


8.1 Payment In the event of an order

8.1.1 Payment system

Users are entitled to the Products ordered by them and the Delivery Fee (hereinafter together:Total price") must be paid in advance in order for Impact Design to deliver the Products to the carrier as a shipment. Users can pay by entering bank card details through the SimplePay system, by advance transfer and in some cases by cash on delivery.

SimplePay accepts the following card types: Visa, Master Card, Maestro and AMEX.

In the case of Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the issuing bank determines the use of the card on the Internet. If the issuing bank has authorized the use of the above-mentioned cards, then the SimplePay system will also accept them.

In addition to entering the bank card information, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer, but in this case, the sending of the Order by the User is considered final when the Total Price appears on Impact Design's account.

In all cases, the payment process related to the Order is processed by a third-party service provider, which service provider is chosen by the User, so the User is bound by the user conditions of the chosen payment service provider. SimplePay terms of use within can reach

8.1.2 Issuing an invoice

Prior to the delivery of the Order, Impact Design or the subcontractor used by it will issue an electronic invoice to the User for the Total Price. Impact Design sends the electronic invoice to the e-mail address specified by the User when the Order is handed over to the shipping company and at the same time notifies the User about the status of the Order.

8.2 Payment in the case of a Business Order

8.2.1 Payment system

For Business Customers, the Products they ordered and the Shipping Fee (ie the Total Pricerat) they must pay in advance in order for Impact Design to deliver the Products to the carrier as a shipment. The Business Customer is obliged to pay in advance by bank transfer.

8.2.2 Issuing an invoice

After the establishment of the Business Agreement contained in clause 6.3.2 of these GTC, Impact Design issues a request for payment of the Total Price to the Business Orderer. Upon receipt of the Total Price by Impact Design, Impact Design shall issue an electronic invoice for the Total Price in accordance with applicable laws to the Business Orderer, which will be sent to the Business Orderer's e-mail address.


9.1 Shipping partners

After receiving the Package from Impact Design, the subcontractor entrusted with the Delivery will notify the User or the Business Customer by e-mail about the Delivery information and the options for tracking the Package. Regarding home delivery, Impact Design's shipping partners are the following companies:

The deadline for the domestic delivery of the Package: 1-3 working days. Deadline for delivery of the Package in the EU: 3-7 working days.

The delivery times contained in these GTC are only estimates and are calculated from the start of delivery of the Order or Business Order.

9.2 Possibility of personal collection

Impact Design may provide an opportunity for personal collection of the Order, which Impact Design will inform the User about on the Website and/or when sending the Order.


Present 10. matters regulated in point 1 apply exclusively to Consumers.

10.1 Cancellation of the Order

10.1.1 In some cases, Consumers have the right to withdraw from the Order within 14 days of the delivery of the Order to Impact Design, i.e. fourteen days after receiving the Package, in an e-mail sent to the e-mail address box@impactbox.net, which contains the Consumer's express declaration of withdrawal . Consumers can use these GTC in order to exercise their right of withdrawal 1. in its annex no reserved, or 45/2014 (II.26.) Government Decree 2. samples of the declaration of withdrawal contained in Annex no.

Consumers can opt out of purchasing individual Products as a whole, so the Consumer does not have the option to opt out of purchasing individual Sub-Products contained in the Product.

10.1.2 If the Delivery of the Package has not yet started (ie the contract between the Consumer and Impact Design has not yet been concluded according to point 6.1.3 of these GTC) and the User makes a statement about the exercise of the right of withdrawal contained in point 10.1.1, then Impact In any case, Design accepts it and refunds the Full Price to the Consumer via the payment method chosen during the Order within 7, i.e. seven days from the date of the declaration of withdrawal. In this case, as a consequence of the cancellation, the Package will not be delivered.

10.1.3 If the Product contains perishable or sub-products that retain their quality for a short time (for example, non-perishable food or a bunch of cut flowers), then according to the current legislation, the Consumer does not have the right to cancel the Order.

10.1.4 If the Product contains Partial Products that cannot be returned by their nature (for reasons of hygiene or health) (for example, toothbrushes, deodorant balls, underwear, massage oil, cosmetics, dietary supplements, long-term cakes, jam, lollipops), then the Consumer is entitled to withdraw only in that case from the Order, if you have not yet opened the packaging or protective film of the Partial Product, i.e. you have not yet demonstrably used such Partial Product.

10.1.5 In relation to Products that do not contain the Partial Products included in clauses 10.1.3 and 10.1.4 of these GTC, the Consumer can only exercise his right of withdrawal if all the Partial Products are in their original condition, unless the Partial Product was already defective when the Package was received.

The Partial Product in its original state:

  • is in resaleable condition,
  • original packaging unopened,
  • never worn (no stains or perfume) or used,
  • it was not washed or ironed.

10.1.6 If the Consumer has chosen personal collection as the method of delivery in accordance with point 9.2, and does not collect the Package within 7 days of receiving the collection notification message, Impact Design considers that the Consumer has withdrawn from the Contract.

10.2 Return of Products to Impact Design

10.2.1 In the event that the Delivery of the Package has already begun and the Consumer has properly exercised his right of withdrawal by the time of delivery, the Consumer may refuse to accept the Package and the carrier will return the Package to Impact Design. In this case, the cost of return shipping is borne by the Consumer.

10.2.2 If the delivery of the Package has already taken place and the Consumer has already taken possession of the Package, the Consumer who is legally exercising his right of withdrawal must return the Package to Impact Design at his own expense immediately after exercising his right of withdrawal, but no later than within 14 days, unless Impact Design expressly undertook to bear these costs.

10.2.3 In case of the intention to return a defective Product, before returning the Package, the Consumer must confirm the faulty performance of Impact Design with a photo of the defective Sub-Product. Impact Design will inform the Consumer of the conditions for returning the Package within 3, i.e. three days after receiving the photo of the defective Sub-Product. In case of faulty performance, the costs of return will be borne by Impact Design in all cases.

10.2.4 As soon as the Package has been returned to Impact Design, Impact Design will send a confirmation e-mail to the Consumer's e-mail address, as well as the contents of the Package - especially with regard to the status of the Partial Products - will be checked, and if it complies with this 10. , then Impact Design will refund the Full Price to the Consumer via the payment method chosen during the Order within 7, i.e. seven days from the date of the return of the Package.

10.2.5 In the event that the Package has been opened by the Consumer and the contents of the Package do not meet the requirements set out in these GTC at the time of their return to Impact Design, Impact Design will not be able to reimburse the Consumer for any Costs or fees incurred in connection with the order and the Package will be delivered to the Consumer again.


11.1. Liability for Products

11.1.1 Products on the website

Impact Design does its best to ensure that the color, material and size of the Products and Partial Products displayed on the Website are correctly indicated, however, it cannot guarantee that the Products and Partial Products will be exactly the same in reality as shown in the images on the Website.

Impact Design draws the User's attention to the fact that the Company is under no circumstances responsible for damages resulting from natural depreciation, incorrect, careless or inappropriate use, or unnatural or abnormal consumption of the Product or Sub-Product.

11.1.2 Defective performance

In order for the User or Business Customer to assert their claims resulting from defective performance, they must prove that they purchased the defective product from Impact Design (by presenting the invoice).

The Business Customer, who does not qualify as a Consumer, shall fulfill his claims arising from the defective performance of Impact Design in accordance with Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (hereinafter: "Ptk."), he is entitled to enforce only as a warranty claim for accessories.

Claims resulting from defective performance can be asserted by the Consumer against Impact Design as an accessory warranty claim or as a product warranty claim, as follows (see and Validation of accessory warranty claims

In case of faulty performance of Impact Design, the Consumer is entitled to the Civil Code. according to its provisions, within 2, i.e. two years after Delivery, to assert claims arising from defective performance.

Impact Design performs incorrectly if the Partial Product does not meet the quality requirements established in the Contract, Business Agreement or legislation at the time of Delivery.

A defect recognized by the Consumer within 6, i.e. six months after the Delivery of the Package must be assumed to have already existed at the time of Delivery (i.e. performance), unless this is incompatible with the nature of the Sub-Product or Product or the nature of the defect.

After discovering a defect in the Sub-Product or the Product, the Consumer is obliged to notify Impact Design immediately, but no later than within 2 months, in order to be able to enforce its requirements. In this case, Impact Design is entitled to prove that the cause of the error occurred after Delivery.

In the event that the Consumer discovers the defect in the Product or Sub-Product after 6, i.e. six months after Delivery, the Consumer is obliged to prove that the defect in the Product or Sub-Product occurred prior to Delivery.

After discovering the error, the Consumer can make use of the following claims:

  1. In the event that the Product or Sub-Product Delivered to the Consumer is defective due to manufacturing, Impact Design will attempt to repair the Product or Sub-Product (repair) or replace it at its own expense, if possible. Impact Design strives to complete the repair or replacement within 15, i.e. fifteen days, however the repair or replacement may take longer.
  2. If the repair or replacement of the Product or Partial Product is not possible, the User may request a full price reduction proportionate to the defective performance, or repair the Product or Partial Product himself, or have it repaired by a third party at the expense of Impact Design, or withdraw from the Contract if the repair or the replacement was not undertaken by Impact Design, or if the Consumer's interest in the repair or replacement has ceased. There is no room for cancellation if the defect is insignificant (the defect does not prevent the intended use of the Product or Sub-Product).

The Consumer has the opportunity to switch from the accessory warranty claim of his choice to another accessory warranty claim, but he is obliged to pay the costs incurred during the switch to Impact Design, unless Impact Design is the reason for the switch or if it was otherwise justified. Product warranty claims

The Consumer shall file his product warranty claims arising from faulty performance with the manufacturer of the Product Sub-Product (hereinafter: "Manufacturer") can also be enforced against

In the event of a defective Product or Partial Product, the natural person Consumer may demand that the Manufacturer correct the defect in the Product or Partial Product, or if the correction is not possible within a suitable period of time, without harming the interests of the Consumer replace the Product or Part Product.

When asserting product warranty claims, the Product or Partial Product is considered defective if

  1. does not meet the quality requirements in force when the Product or Sub-Product was placed on the market by the Manufacturer, or
  2. does not have the properties described by the Manufacturer.

During the enforcement of a product warranty claim, the Consumer always needs to prove that the Product or Partial Product is defective.

11.2 Major Vis

Impact Design is not responsible for incorrect or non-performance of the Contract or Business Agreement if it was due to an external cause (force majeure) beyond Impact Design's control.


12.1 Impact Design treats all feedback seriously and strives to resolve complaints made by Users as quickly and efficiently as possible in a friendly way. Therefore, Impact Design makes every effort to ensure that disputes and disagreements between Impact Design and Users are settled peacefully, without the involvement of courts or authorities.

If you are a Consumer and have a complaint regarding the Order placed through the Website, please send an e-mail message to box@impactbox.net in which you describe in detail all the circumstances of the complaint, such as the date and number of the Order, your contact information and all information relevant to the Order. Impact Design will respond to all written complaints within 30 days of their receipt. If Impact Design rejects the Consumer's complaint, it will always give a clear reason. Impact Design keeps the complaints it receives for 5 years, i.e. five years, and submits them to the competent authorities upon request.

12.2 Consumers are entitled to contact the competent government office according to their place of residence if their complaint has been rejected by Impact Design.

Consumers are also entitled to file a consumer complaint against Impact Design as individuals through their customer portal erre by clicking on the link.

In addition, in order to solve a consumer protection problem, the Consumer can also turn to the following institutions for help:


Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest, V. District Office, Department of Consumer Protection

Budapest Conciliation Board operated by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry


1051 Budapest, Sas u.19. III. em.

1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.

Phone number:



E-mail address:



The Conciliation Board is an alternative dispute resolution forum, its task is to settle consumer disputes out of court. The Conciliation Boards were created with the aim of reaching a settlement in legal disputes between natural person consumers and businesses, and if they cannot reach a settlement, they make a decision in the case that ensures the simple, fast and (cost) effective enforcement. At the request of the Consumer or Impact Design, the Conciliation Board informs the Consumer of his rights and obligations.

Impact Design is obliged to cooperate in the Conciliation Board procedure, therefore, in every case, it will send its response containing the contact information of the person authorized by Impact Design to the request of the Conciliation Board, so that the organization can reach an agreement with the Consumer during the hearing by the Conciliation Board.

The Consumer is also entitled European Union Online Dispute Resolution Platform to use.


13.1 Duration and termination of the Agreement

13.1.1 The Agreement concluded between the User and Impact Design shall be terminated as soon as the Package is delivered to the User, however, the User is entitled to assert his consumer rights in certain cases for 2 years from the Delivery of the Package, i.e. two years in accordance with Article 12 of these General Terms and Conditions. in accordance with the provisions of

13.2 Duration, termination and termination of the Business Agreement

13.2.1 The Business Contract concluded between the Business Orderer and Impact Design shall be terminated as soon as Impact Design delivers the Products that are the subject of the Business Order to the Business Orderer or to third parties designated by the Business Orderer.

13.2.1 The Business Customer is entitled to terminate the Business Agreement with immediate effect in case of serious breach of contract by Impact Design.


The entire content of the Website, in particular the data, information, images, descriptions, texts, figures and the appearance, appearance and structure of the Website, the execution of the individual functions are the exclusive property of Impact Design, or it has the right to use them and as such, are protected by copyright. Their use without the prior written consent of Impact Design violates Impact Design's copyright and will result in legal consequences. Placing a link to the Website on other interfaces is permitted. The reference may not be made in such a way that the Website or any of its internal pages or content appear as the content of another website.

Under no circumstances may the use of the Website result in anyone reverse-engineering, reverse-translating the source code, or in any other way infringing Impact Design's intellectual property rights. It is also prohibited to adapt or reverse engineer the content of the Website or certain parts thereof; use of any application with which the Website or any part of it can be modified or indexed (e.g. search robot or any other decryptor).


These GTC are governed by the laws of Hungary. In matters not regulated in these GTC, the Civil Code. and other applicable laws shall govern.

The possible invalidity of any provision of these GTC does not affect the validity of the rest of the GTC.

Please use the Website's services only if you agree with the above.

If you have any further questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please write them to the e-mail address box@impactbox.net.

These General Terms and Conditions 2020. October 20. effective from

Please download and view this General Terms and Conditions document in a printer-friendly format Click here.

Impact Design Kft.

1. Annex no
    Sample consumer withdrawal statement
    a 45/2014 (II.26.) Korm. under this Regulation


    Impact Design Limited Liability Company (headquarters: 1141 Budapest, Szugló utca 125/D C. ép. B. house. 32.; Tax number: 28771999-2-42; company registration number: 01-09-373407)

    I, the undersigned ________________________________, declare that I exercise my right of withdrawal regarding the contract for the sale of the following product/s:

    Date of conclusion of the contract / date of acceptance: __________________________________________

    Name of the consumer: ____________________________________________________________

    Address of the consumer: ____________________________________________________________

    Product name: ______________________________________________________________

    Signature of the consumer (only in the case of a statement made on paper):_______________________________

    Dated: _________________________________