Natur Premium - Premium pampering with the power of nature

Thanks to the spread of a zero-waste lifestyle, more and more people are deciding to replace their plastic shower gel bottles with soap in paper packaging. However, it does not matter what kind of soap we choose, since the production of palm oil, which is often used as a raw material, is extremely destructive to the environment: it endangers not only the flora of the primeval forests along the equator, but also the animals that live there. 

There is a long list of what Natur Premium soaps do not contain: they do not contain palm oil, SLS, ingredients of animal origin, artificial coloring or preservatives.

Greek only, food grade olive oil, 100% pure essential oil, from ethical trade shea butter from Ghana and premium quality oils are used in production.

Lilla and Gábor make their products with all their heart and dedication in their factory in Miskolc.
Their soaps with kosher certification have, which means that they meet strict cleanliness requirements both in terms of their raw materials, as well as in terms of production, packaging and storage. The qualification is therefore for everyone beyond the community committed to religion means a quality guarantee.

In addition to the environment their social impact they also pay attention: their Miskolc plant employs disadvantaged workers who

from mixing to pouring and slicing to packaging, each soap is made by hand and with care.

And those soaps that do not reach premium quality are donated to the surrounding settlements, thus ensuring proper hygiene for everyone.

In addition to the soaps, we have hidden a loofah sponge in the Impact Box selections, which are perfect for exfoliating the skin and storing the soap. The loofah sponge is an environmentally friendly, vegan alternative to the sea sponge, it is made from local loofah pumpkins, it is 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable. 

You can learn more about Natur Premium's soaps on their website obsession on their Facebook page.