Sending a gift package that gives you double the pleasure: this is the Impact Box

Are you looking for a gift package that is really special? You don't have to look any further, you've found it: it's the Impact Box! A selection of ethical, unique, handcrafted products, made with great care and love. In addition, by purchasing our gift packages, you can support several good causes at the same time. Choose the option of sending a gift package and the selected package accompanied by your personal message will be delivered directly to the addressee's home. 

In this article, we introduce our charity compilations, the products and the stories behind them.

Special gift packages with a special mission

The Impact Box a selection of unique gifts in which we collected products from various foundations, associations and social enterprises from all corners of Hungary. The creators of the products all work for a sustainable, inclusive and livable world for everyone. The products in the gift packages were made by our disadvantaged, disabled or disabled colleagues, as well as ethical small businesses.

By purchasing our special gift packages, you support several good causes at the same time and contribute to creating work, livelihood and new opportunities for creators. This means a lot to the creators and the organizations behind them, as it is a reliable source of income that they can count on even in unpredictable times. Thus, with your purchase, you provide them with a living, value-creating work and pride.

Impact Box ajándékcsomagok

Sending gift packages for the most important occasions

Are you looking for a birthday present or name day surprise? Would you like to surprise your mother or grandmother for Mother's Day? Would you like to give your favorite teachers a gift for graduation or Teacher's Day? Are you looking for a Christmas gourmet selection or Father's Day gift? Are you looking for a corporate gift for your partners?

Every year, we put together new and new gift packages several times, so that you can find the best one for you for every occasion. After you have chosen the gift set, you can send it directly to the recipient. If that sending gifts you choose an option, we take care of the delivery and bring the chosen gift package to your home with your personal message.

Contents of Impact Box craft gift packages

There are currently three gift packages available in our offer. Soon - within weeks - you will be able to choose from even more different packages.

Pampering gift package for women

A women's gift package it is diverse, yet harmonious, and this is what makes it truly specialssé. 

  • Pink Clay Artisan Soap is a premium vegan marble soap made with mango butter that softens and moisturizes the skin. Along with the soap, we also provide a loofah sponge, which is suitable for storing the soap and for exfoliating the skin. 
  • All ingredients of the premium pistachio milk chocolate come from ethical sources. The employees of the chocolate factory are intellectually disabled and autistic employees, who say that this is one of their most delicious chocolates.
  • The organic anti-aging face serum is made from vegan, animal-free ingredients that have a really beneficial effect on the skin. 
  • The crumbly, gluten- and allergen-free strawberry-cinnamon heart is a delicious, healthy and preservative-free biscuit that is an excellent bakery alternative for breakfast or snack.

Learn more latest our women's gift package about its content, which is a perfect choice for birthdays, name days, Mother's Day, for teachers, kindergarten teachers, or as a corporate gift. Or just as a surprise for your loved ones.

Impact Box ajándékcsomag nőknek

A pampering vegan gift package for women and men

A indulgent vegan gift package its uniqueness is given by the mixture of gourmet delicacies and natural cosmetics. 

  • The handmade, premium quality black soap is perfect for natural skin and beard care. And the loofah sponge is also suitable for storing soap and exfoliating the skin. 
  • All ingredients of habanero chili dark chocolate come from ethical sources and small producers.
  • Thanks to the exclusive Ghanaian shea butter, hands and face always remain well-groomed and soft.
  • Smoked wild mushroom cream goes perfectly with toast or a baguette, or even as a crunch during matches.
  • The chia chocolate kiss-free biscuit package is a supporter of guilt-free snacking. 

Check it out unique our indulgent vegan gift package in its content, which is a perfect choice for both men and women, for birthdays, name days, father's day, for educators, teachers, but also as a company gift for colleagues. We believe that everyone deserves pampering!

Impact Box vegán ajándékcsomag nőknek and férfiaknak

Vegan Grill Box for two people

The summer edition With our Vegan Grill Box you can create a healthy, delicious and at the same time free meal for two people anywhere, anytime. The products (unopened) do not require refrigeration, so you could even grill them on the shore of the lake!

  • The 2 gluten- and allergen-free vegan burger patties not only have a high vitamin and fiber content, but can also be prepared in 5 minutes.
  • The 2 gluten- and allergen-free pumpkin seed hamburger buns are even tastier than their non-free counterparts. 
  • The forest mushroom and tomato pesto lends perfect taste harmony to the hamburger.
  • Freshly ripened currant fruit has been added to the artisanal red currant syrup. 
  • The premium dark chocolate with habanero chili is the perfect end to this special grill experience.

Know more our vegan grill box of its content, which is a perfect choice for a healthy and free lunch, for example in the garden, during a hike or even on the shore of Lake Balaton. This is a limited edition summer box, hit it up if you don't want to miss it and spice up your time together!

Vegán grill box két személyre

Stories behind the charitable gift packages

The creators of the products and their work make Impact Boxes truly unique. All of the products selected in the gift packages are made with heart and soul by sustainable, ethical and inclusive small businesses, organizations and social enterprises. Everything, the in a charitable gift package found product supports a good cause.

Our partners include many organizations that employ disabled, disabled or disadvantaged employees. These organizations work tirelessly to provide opportunities and better living conditions for their employees. And our mission is to help them on this journey, within the framework of a fair trade model. 

Blue Bird Foundation - Besweet chocolate manufactory 

The Besweet chocolate factory in Szekszárd was established by the employees of the Kék Madár Alapítvány with the aim of making premium quality chocolates with the help of people with disabilities. Their motto "A bite of good will" is understood not only locally, but also globally: on a local level, they help equal opportunities for our domestic peers with disabilities, and on a global level, they buy the raw materials needed for chocolate from small producers in the spirit of ethical trade.

Kék Madár Alapítvány - Besweet csokoládé manufaktúra

Hungarian Maltese Charity Service - tea workshop in the House of Reception in Páty

The Reception House, established by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, which has been operating since 1989, houses young people with intellectual disabilities in Páty, where they can live independently and do value-creating work. The Páty institution also has a tea workshop, where young people with disabilities and social workers carry out the entire work process: from sorting the tea leaves, through preparation, to packaging. In addition to the tea workshop, there is also a ceramics and creative workshop.

Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat - teaműhely a pátyi Befogadás Házában

Baráthegyi Manufaktúra - Let's eat good and do good with it!

Baráthegyi Majorság is the only social farm providing complex services in our country. 85% of the employees working here are disabled or have an altered ability to work. Their colleagues include people with autism, the mentally disabled, the deaf and hard of hearing, the visually impaired, those with limited mobility, and those with other health impairments. They perform diverse tasks: they grow plants, take care of fruit trees, operate a jam-making plant and also deal with animal husbandry. The social enterprise was created by the Symbiosis Foundation, which for 20 years has been helping the integration of people with disabilities and autism, as well as people with altered work ability, into society. 

Baráthegyi Manufaktúra - Együnk jót, s ezzel tegyünk jót!

Banya Forest - Delicacies from the forest

In the Banyaerdő factory in Dencsháza, which employs 560 people, the locals make oil, creams and flavored salt from more than 50 types of mushrooms. Roma women typically work in the plant, for whom predictable, long-term employment, fair wages and suitable working conditions mean a lot. 80% of the employees are disadvantaged and have large families. There are not many job opportunities around the village, most of the workers here would otherwise be unemployed or have no other options besides a pension. The plant pays particular attention to zero waste and creating a supportive, family-friendly workplace. 

Banyaerdő - Ínyencségek az erdőből

Superar Hungary - music and art program

The goal of the Superar Hungary program is to bring the opportunity to learn music to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity due to their social environment. Currently, the program operates in three schools, with the participation of one hundred and fifty elementary students and many excellent music teachers. The children have the opportunity not only to sing, but also to learn the guitar. They prepared a special program for their online concert, which included a Christmas and Hebrew choral piece, as well as the children's own compositions.

Superar Hungary - zeneművészeti program

AdniYóga - Doing yoga and doing good

AdniJóga is a social enterprise whose goal is to make the positive effects of yoga accessible to disadvantaged people. The yoga instructors at AdniJóga believe that everyone deserves mental health and peace through yoga. They also hold classes for young people with disabilities, women forced into difficult life situations, refugees and children in state care living in extreme poverty. They can maintain their initiative with company yoga classes and subsidies. All benefit yoga classes are taught with a trauma-informed approach, which means that the instructors pay close attention to ensuring that practitioners feel safe throughout the yoga class. 

AdniJóga - Jógázni és jót tenni

About the creators of the products in the charitable gift packages here you can read more. 

Sending a gift is simple: gift package delivered to your home with your personal message

We deliver your gift to you or directly to the recipient - your loved ones, family members, friends, to your business partners - with your personal message hidden in the package. Sending a gift package can be a good choice even if you live abroad, but would like to surprise your loved ones living in Hungary, or even if you are not sure that you can deliver the gift in person. In the gift box, we will include the message you entered when ordering, so you can send a truly personalized surprise anywhere in the country.

The package also includes a brochure that contains a description of the handicraft products and short stories of the makers of the products, so that the recipients can also read about the supported social causes. Furthermore, we also pay special attention to deliver the handicraft products to the recipients in environmentally friendly, paper packaging. The Impact Boxcan be purchased individually from the makers, but if you choose the gift package, you can get the products at a significantly lower price than if you bought them separately.

Every year, we make several different gift packages, the contents of which are always new, unique and current. Currently available our charitable gift packages can be viewed a on our website. And if you like our initiative and don't want to miss out on our new gift boxes, then subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our website and follow us on Instagram és on Facebook, to be the first to know about our latest compilations. 

Thank you for buying our gift packages for a more beautiful, inclusive and supportive world!